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Leaders of Wuzhong District of Suzhou City visited Nodka again

2019-9-19 16:12:46 Page View

After the investigation by Secretary Gu Yuqi of the Wuzhong District Management Committee on August 22, Secretary Tang Xiaodong, the leader of Wuzhong District, and Yu Keming, the deputy director of the Management Committee,  the office and the relevant leaders of the District Merchants Bureau came to our company again on August 30 for a special investigation and exchange of discussions, accompanied by Mr. Gao, the chairman of the board and other company leaders.

Secretary Tang Xiaodong visited the exhibition hall to see the company's product line.

Secretary Tang Xiaodong visited the assembly workshop and inspect the production and assembly environment of the products.

At the meeting, Mr. Wang Xiaochuan, General Manager of Nodka, reported on the company's business situation and development plan in recent years. Secretary Tang Xiaodong affirmed the company's rapid development in the field of intelligent manufacturing and automation this years. He hoped that Nodka would be a world-class leader of China's industrial automation brand based on the environmental resources of Wuzhong District.