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The Eighth Station of Nodka National Seminars

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On June 20, 2019, Shenzhen, Nodka attended the 3rd National seminars on Digital Upgrading Solutions for Industrial Control Networks in Shenzhen Station and gave a keynote speech.


Mr. Xu Wenbin, the regional manager of Nodka, shared the product solution based on highly integrated industrial operation panel to assist the digital upgrading of the factory. The highly integrated industrial operation panel is very user-friendly. And modular design of button switch panel can safisfy the ever-changing use scenarios.


High integration industrial operation panel PC is an innovative product developed by Nodka to solve the common assembly cantilever human-machine operation panel scheme in the industry. It has been widely recognized and applied by industry users since it was launched last year.


This seminar also exhibits the new model eBOX-3000-MVS of Nodka Machine Vision Industry, which integrates the POE network card, the dry-wet node PWM function of light source control and the 8-way isolation DIO function in combination with the characteristics of machine vision industry application requirements.


Liu Tao, Nodka Marketing Department, was invited to act as the host of this seminar, helping the speakers to interact with the guests on scene.


In the prize-winning question-and-answer activities of this seminar, Nodka sent a souvenir backpack to thank the guests for their attention and praise to the Nodka brand.


As a professional manufacturer of IPC&HMI system platform, Nodka has always been committed to providing high-quality industrial computer product solutions for customers, based on highly integrated industrial operation panel pc and digital upgrade of industrial computer enabling plants without fans based on highly integrated vision.