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New sail, new journey, let's set off again ¡ª Nodka the Midyear Meeting 2018

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The aircraft carrier named ¡°Nodka¡± has been launched, waiting for a new sail!

On July 20th to 21st We have a 3 days midyear meeting at Xi¡¯tang and Nanhu of Zhejiang Province.

21 person including senior executives, attended this meeting.

At the afternoon of July 20th,The team watched movie Beginning Of The Great Revival. Review the history of Party Building, we Feel the hardships and twists in the process of founding the party, and learn the courage and persistence of the party building staff. After this, Liutao from the marketing center made a speech about the Great team Communist Party of China. He called on colleagues to implement the spirit of "hard struggle and re-entrepreneurship", and the participants further strengthened their study of the spirit through group reading

On the morning of 21st , General manager Mr. Zeng made an important speech on "flying dream and brand positioning". By analyzing the rise of the domestic industrial automation brand and the characteristics of the industry brand, he further summarized the brand positioning of Nodka: IPC+Embedded+Automation. Finally, Mr. Zeng proposed to "persist in dreams, keep practicing, knowledge be with Practice". Next Mr. Wong publicized the company's new organizational structure, new personnel appointments and new workflow. New Product Manager, Marketing Manager, R&D Manager, Operations Manager, respectively, give inaugural speeches.

On the afternoon of 21st , the five district managers made the work report in the first half of 2018 respectively, reporting their achievements and offering advice. They selected the best regional manager for the first half of the year, and a representative was selected to comment on the report.  

On the morning of 22nd , Mr. Wong Xiaochuan, the representative of operations center, brings the seven habits management course of "the seven habits of efficient people". He shared how to be an efficient person, whether in work, in study or in family relations. And through the analysis of what is an efficient person, efficient people's growth path, personal success of the three habits, from personal success to interpersonal success, how to develop efficient habits, it help us to live happier.

On the afternoon, the participants visited the Nanhu Revolution Memorial Hall in Jiaxing and further studied the red ship spirit of "pioneering the world and daring to be the first; firm ideals and indomitable spirit of struggle; the spirit of dedication to the public and loyalty to the people".

After this meeting, we learned the "Red Ship Spirit" of the Party building history, strengthened the cohesion between the company's managers, and opened a new journey for the company. We must stick to our dreams and keep practicing.