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After twelve stations, Nodka comes to last station in domestic of 2018, Chengdu.

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Let¡¯s meet at Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center on October 11 to October 13th. Nodka will appear in the 2018 nineteenth China (Chengdu) international industrial automation and robot exhibition.

This is the first time that Nodka take part in the Sichuan Province Exhibition.  Nodka will bring pure flat operational panel PC, Agile PAC automation product line, bezel free touch screen panel PC, industrial monitor, embedded mini PC as well as 4U IPC and COMLAC modular computer product line. Customers and and spectators are very interested in these products.

At this exhibition, we also launch two products.

COMLAC multifunctional board should match with the NK-L315 core board, including USB*4, COM*10, LAN*2, VGA, HDMI, Audio. It has battery charging and discharging management. It also can be directly connected to smart batteries, and  power-off protection or flexible working. It provides supporting management software, to test battery usage and adjust the brightness of LCD screen through serial port. It has high expansibility. The common board only provides Mini PCI-E*1 and MSATA*1. This type has mini PCI-E*2, which is more expansible.

UPS120-615H industrial computer backup power is based on IPC615H industrial computer power improvement, currently only supports our standard IPC615H industrial computer, specially designed for similar unattended environment. The maximum output of the power supply is 120W, which satisfies the various configurations of IPC615H industrial computer (It should calculate the power, if use the discrete graphic ). It has the following functions:

1. Power-off protection

It can protect the computer hardware and software when power supply is unstable or abnormal power off in industrial scene. When the power supply is suddenly cut off and does not return within five minutes, the power supply will automatically shut down to avoid data loss and system damage. If the power supply is restored within five minutes, the power supply will not stop and remain in its original state.

2. Restart by restoring power supply

When the external power on, the power automatically touch off the host to start, such mode, belongs to pure hardware action, better than the software cause to restart.

3. Power inspection function

When the external power supply exists and the computer shuts down for exceptional case, the power source detects no load, and the power source triggers the motherboard every four minutes until the motherboard starts.

4.Self protection function

When the power supply is not in working, it will automatically enter a low-power dormant state, reduce the power self-loss, and improve the battery life.

5. Software monitoring function

After connecting the serial port, the state of the battery in the power supply can be monitored in real time by computer software


This exhibition is the thirteenth station of NODKA in China this year. There are still three oversea exhibitions in 2018.

We will arrive at the fourth station of this year, and welcome to visit our exhibition.