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Invitation to SPS IPC Drives 2017 in Nuremberg

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It will be interesting and hearty at the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg. The SPS is Europe¡®s leading trade fair for electric automation. You are welcome to visit us at our booth.
You will find us in hall 8, booth 8-506.

This year, we will present you our powerful panel PCs at our COMLAC design and AgilePAC open controller. Convince yourself of the opportunities and benefits our solutions will offer you.

Let our experts advise you and learn about our new COMLAC design.
We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter.

Using our company code 1712551589 you can register for free here:

We are looking forward to interesting converse with you.

What about COMLAC

COMLACCPU modules chooselow-power x86 SOC, and is designed with low power range between10W ~ 30W andsmall size of 82 * 95 mm. COMLAC CPU modules can offer the powerful computing performance based on Intel's latest Core -I platform, are suitable for applications that require low power but high performance, so that it is typically used inportable devices and fixed embedded systems. CPU Core and supported circuits(including memory, BIOS, power timing control, CPU power supply, Ethernet,etc.) are all integrated on the CPU module. The COMLAC CPU module will be integrated with the Carrier board, which is with specific functions required by application , such as VGA / DVI / HDMI, LCD interface, audio codec, touch controller, wireless, interface protection, and Customer designed circuits,etc. Such modular design can provide a lot of advantage to customers, such as flexibility of product upgrade, fast time to market, diversification, lowercost and power consumption as well as smaller physical size.

What about Agile PAC open controller

The AgilePAC combines acquisition control, information processing and network communication capabilities into a single control system. With the latest automation technology, Agile PAC provides a unique system architecture: In addition to thebasic IO extensions are provided by the system, users can use PCI / PCIe bus,USB2.0, Gigabit network interface which are reserved by the main controller,integrate his own hardware circuit and control logic, such as FPGA / DSP / MCU,etc., All above features make AgilePAC open controller to be easier extension and more flexible, suitable for a variety of complex control and automation applications.

What about Industrial Operation Panel

NODKA Industrial Operation Panel solution breaks the cantilever box operation panel solution used intraditional automation, which combines the cantilever control operation with industrial computer system and display, and in more compact ,highly-integratedand stylish design. Comparing with traditional solution, NODKA Industrial Operation Panel realizes the all-around improvement from stability, design,weight, cost, installation and maintenance, reduces the design time anddifficulty for mechanical and design engineers, as well as the procedure of installation , so as it to be a favorite solution for clients.