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Yantai Seminar Successfully Held

2019-1-3 14:08:18 Page View£º

Nodka the sixth station of National Tour Seminar, held in Yantai successfully.

This is the third time to come to Shandong province after Zibo International chemical products and technology equipment exhibition in May and Qingdao Automation exhibition in August.

At the seminar, we analyzed that the user's requirements for product solutions are not limited to functions, but the appearance and user experience are becoming more and more important.

 We introduced a new experience of ture flat multi-touch industrial touch panel pc with both appearance design and function. It showed the core advantages of Nodka industrial operating panel with high performance, good looking and high performance. At the same time, brought the high performance fanless mini pc, fast AglilePAC Open Controller and COMLAC Core Module PC to Yantai.

Friends from Changchun, see you on 13th December at Changchun seminar.