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Industrial touch helps Intelligent Interconnection from one point to surface

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In the times of interconnection, manufacturing industry has also ushered in a new round of changes, along with the "interconnection of all things", information into action, the IoT industry has also ushered in a golden period of rapid development. The application of the IoT in industry can be said to be one of the most important areas.

However, in the field of IoT, there are also some outstanding problems: such as, the large gap between core technology and high-end products and foreign countries, the weak ability of high-end integrated services, hidden dangers in information security exist, and not perfect system of policies and regulations, which need to be solved urgently. Under this situation, how will the government support the development of industrial IoT industry? How will the enterprise help? Let's look at the following forum.

On Novmber 2nd 2018, Advantech Summit Forum on Industrial Internet of Things, Gongkong net of China sponsored a sub-forum on "Connecting All Things to Make Intelligence Simpler". Through in-depth study of the industry, it analyses the current situation of the industrial Internet of Things for the government, enterprises, investors, etc., defines the future direction of development, and provides corresponding development suggestions.

Analysis of the Development Trend of Industrial Internet in China

gongkong(beijing)Data Technology Co., Ltd

Vice General Manager Mr Chen ran

Industrial Internet is the industry and application ecology formed by the comprehensive and deep integration of Internet and new information technology and industrial system. It is the key comprehensive information infrastructure for the development of industrial intelligence. Intelligent control, operation optimization and change of production organization mode are realized through comprehensive deep perception of industrial data, real-time transmission and exchange, fast computing and advanced modeling and analysis.

The Future of Industrial Internet:

New generation of information technology in industrial applications, 5G/edge computing/logo analysis/TSN technology ushered in rapid development

• The industrial Internet promotes the rapid transformation of new and old momentum, and accelerates the layout of regional/industry-level industrial internet.

• Data and services will open new markets for industrial applications and share platforms will become more intelligent and globalized.

• Virus attacks in the industrial sector will become the norm, and the security risks of key information infrastructure will rise

The construction of industrial internet security will continue to improve business and technological innovation, leading to the emergence of cross-border and breakers.

Advantech Intelligent Manufacturing Application Practice and Case Sharing

Advantech Industrial Internet of Business Group in China

General Manager Mr. Qi¡¯nan Cai

 With the emergence of intelligent manufacturing, the Internet of Things is developing from concept to provide more practical solutions for industrial users. Through the co-creation mode, Advantech has joined many partners to lay out the application of the IoT. Through a specific cooperation case, users are inspired to think about how to create a new area of the IoT with a new thinking model.

He said: This is the grandest event in 35 years of Advantech. We hope to take this opportunity to show you the achievements of Advantech and its ecological partners. We hope that more people will see the strength of Advantech and look forward to working with our partners to create an unlimited future for the development of the industrial IoT.

Industrial Touch Helps Intelligent Interconnection by Point-to-Face

Suzhou Nodka Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

Marketing Manager Mr. Liu Tao

Is IoT a comma or a full stop in your mind? Are you full of question marks?

The value of IoT is to provide the high performance of human-computer interaction. The key to human-computer interaction lies in the touch point. Industrial touch control products with good user experience will ensure the competitiveness and brand power of intelligent manufacturing products.

Create ¡¤ Empowerment

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