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AgilePAC Hardware Features

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Flexible System Architecture

The AgilePAC series offers various extended support to meet the needs of different I / O.

NP-5643/5653 Compact Controller

NP-5647/5657 Controller

NP-564A/565A Rack Mount Controller

NP-5640+/5650+ Open Frame Controller

32-bit High-speed Digital Counter
When the host loops DI status and records the ON / OFF status change, it is possible to cause a count error due to delay of communication. NP series I/O modules have built-in 32-bit counter function for recording of status change with DI.  The 32-bit counter could support up to 4,294,967, 295 count, and allow maximum 1000Hz frequency input (no low pass filter), which is suitable for counting , button or switch ON/OFF function, event count and other applications.

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Digital Output
NP Series digital output modular supports PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) function, which can be used for alarm lights, flashing lights control. After the setting, the module could control the ON/OFF status of DO automatically, without control from host, thus reducing the loading of host and occupation of communication bandwidth.PWM supports independent channel setting function, the PWM parameters of each channel can be set independently. Using the PWM function could reduce the complexity of the system and improves the accuracy of the pulse output.

Wide Temperature Design
Work temperature£º-20~60¡æ
Storage temperature£º-40~85¡æ
Relative humidity£º5~95%RH  £¨Non condensation£©