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Double Ninth Festival

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Double Ninth Festival

The Double Ninth Festival also weighs the autumn sun Festival and the "traveling autumn", a traditional Chinese festival. Celebrating the Double Ninth Festival usually includes visiting autumn, climbing a high view, appreciating chrysanthemum, planting cornel, eating Double Ninth Cake, drinking chrysanthemum wine and some other activities. On this day of  Double Ninth Festival, all the relatives should climb up to avoid disaster.


Double Ninth Festival comes again,

Last year of this day, Nodka staff received the greetings from the company to their family.


This year, our company also gave warm gifts to the Nodka staff at this festival.


Partners brought the company's best wishes to their parents and warm their family members.

Dear Nodka staff parents:

How are you?

On the occasion of the Double Ninth Festival, all the staff of the company extend our warmest greetings and best wishes to you.

Wish you a prosperous and healthy life.Sincerely thank you for your support and hard work for your children.


congratulate and sincerely wish

Happy Double Ninth Festival, and good health !