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Exhibition Training Seminar before 2018 China International Industry Fair

2018-10-11 16:45:25 Page View£º

On September 18th, a special day, representatives of branch offices and distributors gathered in Suzhou the headquarters. They participated in the Nodka exhibition training of 2018 twentieth China International Industry Fair.

Before the training, the presenter played an ice breaking games with participants to know each other.

First, Mr. Wang Xiaochuan, the director of operations center, led us to visit the company headquarters and made standardized demonstration. And then£¬asked each one from both AB group to make a presentation about what they have learn.

Everyone actively participated in the training seminar.

The second lesson was about a brief introduction of the company. The marketing manager Mr. Liutao made a speech about our company, data sheet and DM documents. Students in group AB enhanced their ability in a relaxed and humorous interaction.

At lunch time in company canteen, they chatted about the training happily.

In the afternoon, instructor gave lectures on planing and scheduling, stand reception standardization, product and new product announcement, and the capabilities of every business department in the operation center.

Finally, I would like to give special praise to Mr. Xu Kai from Shanghai. Well done! 


Hope you can feel the full sincerity from Nodka.