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At 2018 China International Industry Fair, Nodka Promotes Pure Flat of industrial human-machine interface

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The 20th China International Industry Fair, which lasted 5 days and the number of exhibitors and professional audiences reached a record high, ended successfully at the Shanghai National Exhibition Center on September 23th. The Fair attracted a total of 174,000 professional audiences. Chinese and foreign enterprises launched more than 300 new technologies and products.

At this exhibition, Nodka located at the 3H hall C072 booth. As China's leading IPC&HMI system platform manufacturer, Nodka upgraded the Exhibition style to European minimalist exhibition, located in MWCS machine tool industry exhibition area, Promoted Pure Flat of industrial human-machine interface.

The highlight of this exhibition is operation panel pc. NODKA industrial operation panel solution breaks the cantilever box operation panel solution used in traditional automation, which combines the cantilever control operation with industrial computer system and display, and in more compact, highly-integrated and stylish design. Comparing with the traditional solution, NODKA industrial operation panel realizes the all-around improvement from stability, design, time and difficulty for mechanical and design engineers, as well as the procedure of installation, so as it to be a favourite solution for clients.

At the same time, Nodka showed the flexible AgilePAC controller, Smart and reliable COMLAC modular computer,and modular design of eBOX-3310 and excellent performance of eBOX-3000 fanless BOX PC.

At this exhibition, Nodka had attracted many exhibitors and exhibitors to stop exchanges and cooperation.

The year 2018 is also the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up. It is the 69th birthday of our country. Nodka will continue its internationalization and brand operation, committed to becoming the world's leading IPC&HMI system platform manufacturer. On the way to the prosperity of domestic brands of industrial automation, let us hand in hand, remember our original desire and go ahead.