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The Last Station of the 2018 National Seminars on Digital Upgrading Solutions for Factories - Changchun

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2018 National Seminars of Nodka

Have experienced 6 cities

Arrived the last station: Changchun

In 2019, will meet you in 10 cities again.

Industrial IoT helps intelligently build interconnection

Nodka Automation Technology Co., Ltd

Product Manager Mr. Hongyan Deng

To become the world's leading manufacturer of IPC&HMI system platform, Nodka always focus on the products, not only product performance, but also user experience and product appearance. We provide the more comprehensive solutions to users. It is believed that many people are familiar with the Nodka industrial operation panel. This HMI has good appearance, high performance and flexibility. It makes the best user experience.

Besides the HMI, at this seminar, Mr. Deng had introduced the Nodka high performance fanless mini pc eBOX-3000, AgilePAC open controller and COMLAC modules computer.

Goodbye 2018!

Hello, 2019, let¡¯s meet at the 10 cities again.

2019 annual meeting will be held soon.