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At Intel ® Spring Symposium, Nodka shared experiences of industrial edge computing equipment

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Intel® Spring Symposium on New Technologies Assisting Industry 4.0 was successfully held at Xi¡¯an Fuli Hilton Hotel on April 26th, 2019. At this meeting, Intel® shared the new technologies, appliances and Intelligent Plant in the field of industry 4.0, which attracted many industry professionals from home and abroad to attend and exchange.

As an Intel partner, Nodka was invited to give a keynote speech, sharing the experience of industrial edge computing equipment based on Intel X86 architecture to help traditional factories digitally upgrade.

The related industrial edge computing equipments on display at Nodka exhibition booth attracts the participants to stop and discuss extensively.  

We will continue to enrich and optimize the product line and deepen the application needs of users in the industrial edge computing industry. Based on years of product development and manufacturing experience in the industrial equipments, we provide users and partners with highly reliable and integrated equipment solutions to meet the needs of industrial edge computing.