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The Second National Workshop on Digital Upgrading of Factories- Zhuhai Station

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The fifth station workshop of Nodka, Zhuhai, the first time to meet you.

      Zhuhai workshop will be hold in Jiayuan Century Hotel. Our theme is¡°Digitization Updating, human-machine interface is still pure flat¡±.

      The industrial scene is always spiritless? The true flat human-machine interface panel pc make it ¡°the most fashion¡±. Since its inception, our company has been committed to becoming the world's leading IPC&HMI platform manufacturer. For more than a decade, we continuously explored and accumulated industrial application requirements, and established the products line: industrial computers, panel PC, touch screen monitor, fanless box PC, COMLAC computer and Agile PAC open controller. We offer OEM/ODM service, help customer launch their products quickly. In this seminar, Nodka has brought pure flat HIM panel pc to users, which caught everyone¡¯s eyes. This man-machine interface uses a pure flat touch screen, based on Intel Core Platform, cantilever control operation, man-machine touch perfect combination, easy installation and application, and good looking.


What is the salient feature of Nodka industrial touch panel computer?

A.  Modular design

B.  Pure flat touch screen   ¡Ì

C.  Cantilever control operation

What is the model of high performance and fanless industrial control machine for Nodka machine vision?

A eBOX-3560

B eBOX-3000   ¡Ì


Friends from Yantai(November 15th) and Changchun(December 13th), wait for us!