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AgilePAC Software Features

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Application of Advanced ProgrammingLanguage in AgilePAC
AgilePAC uses Windows Embedded System, including most Windows software features such as EWF, Remote Desktop Connection, SQL Server, .NET Framework 3.5, HTML5 and rich development software support, so you can use or VC ++ to develop, and NODKA can provide driver library and reference sample code for those two high-level programming language. 

Startup Value and Safety Value Setup
In addition to the command, AO, DO can also be set in the following cases: power on, module watchdog reset, soft restart through the command while the module output is on the "Startup value"; When the communication watchdog Enabled and communication timeout occurs, AO, DO is set to safety value.

AgilePAC Utility
Through AgilePAC embedded utility tools, user can test I/O function, debug module, and set up system and module parameters.

Modbus Driver
NODKA provides monitoring tag interface, AgilePAC can be used as Modbus Slave, HMI/SCADA software can be accessed through Modbus /TPC and Modbus /RTU protocol. At the same time AgilePAC can be used as Modbus Master also, through the built-in Ethernet and RS-485 interface to establish communication with Modbus Slave device, and forwarding the relevant data and status to the upper HMI/SCADA software.