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Welcome to SPS IPC Drives 2019

2019-11-29 9:57:51 Page View£º

For the third consecutive year, Nodka participated in SPS IPC drives

Booth NO: Hall 8- 120


Address: Nuremberg Messe, Germany


We will show 2019 new products and best-selling products in this exhibition, and release Q1 new products in 2020. We are coming soon.

Thank you very much for your visiting our exhibition last two years, looking forward to meet you again.

2018 SPS IPC DRIVES Nodka Exhibition Highlights

2017 SPS IPC DRIVES Nodka Exhibition Highlights

SPS IPC DRIVES is the largest and most influential industrial automation exhibition in Central Europe. It is held once a year in southeast Germany, and has been held 29 times continuously. Every session of Exhibition could attract the participation of many famous brand enterprises and professional visitors. Through this SPS IPC DRIVES, Nodka will show the new technology and products of IPC & HMI, follow up the latest development trend of international automation market, and cooperate with partners to expand the German and European markets.