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The Third Year Nodka Attended SPS IPC Drives Exhibition, See You Next Year in Nuremberg

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The 30th SPS IPC drives Exhibition in Nuremberg was held from November 26 to 28, 2019.

Nodka participated in SPS Exhibition for last three years, presenting the best-selling products at home and abroad to European customers and partners again.


To meet the application requirements of European and global users for the integration of motion control and visual control platform, we released NP series book type industrial automation computer at SPS IPC Drives exhibition. This series of industrial computer integrates dual Gigabit ethernet ports supporting industrial bus, multi POE ports of intelligent camera, multi signal interface of light source control and triggering, and multi DIO digital input and output interface, which can be applied to bus motion controller and visual motion controller.


This series of products are widely concerned by European users and partners at exhibition. It is planned to be officially launched in March 2020.


The remote transmission stainless steel waterproof industrial touch monitor and embedded industrial operation panel pc released by China International Industry Trade Fair ( CIIF) were also exhibited at the European Exhibition for the first time.

In 2019, we set out from Nuremberg, Germany, and went back to Nuremberg after Tokyo Jepan, Mumbai Inida. Thanks for the attention and support of international customers and partners.

Next year, the first station is international embedded world Exhibition in Nurember, 25th -27th February, 2020, see you next time.