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The Second National Workshop on Digital Upgrading of Factories- Dongguan Station The fourth station workshop of Nodka was successfully held

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Dongguan workshop was held at Humen Fengtai Gardon Hotel on September 13. With the theme of ¡°Digitization Updating, human-machine interface Subliming¡±, Nodka launch the new operation panel with cantilever. Based on Intel Core CPU and all flat touch screen monitor, the operation panel is highly-integrated, and perfectly realizes human-machine interface, and the RJ 45 signal can be transmitted to 30m for a long distance.It can be said to be a combination of value and strength.

   After upgrading the equipment, Intelligent manufacturing is becoming the main subject. Are you still using the traditional control panel? Now is the era of "all flat". Relying on strong R&D capability, our company has launched a series of all flat man-machine touch panel pc which integrates performance and good looking. Once it came out, "amazing" the whole industry, led the industry to open the era of ¡°all flat¡±.

Based on the Core CPU, all flat touch screen monitor, operational panel with cantilever, perfect combination of man-machine touch control, box-mounted design, integration of the whole machine, random change of electric keys, remote transmission of display signals up to 30m...... Nodka all flat human-machine touch panel pc is a well deserved tomorrow star. Marketing department manager Liutao said: ¡°from Gusu city, The Belt and Road, exposure to the whole world. Seven domestic seminars, 15 exhibitions and seven international exhibitions have made more and more people understand Nodka and appreciate the charm of all flat. In the future, Nodka will continue to make efforts to become the world's leading manufacturer of IPC&HMI platform.