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Exchange a photo of you and Nodka

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We go to the users, you come to the exhibition.

In order to better serve customers and partners and penetrate into the vertical market of the industry, Nodka has held 13 professional and regional exhibitions in China this year, to present Nodka¡¯s series of products with fair price and excellent quality to new and old customers all over the word.

At the 13 exhibitions of Nodka,


may be attracted to our products of high quality and good-looking.


May stay for the continuous popularity of the exhibition.

Or you,

just look at the Nodka orange color in the dazzling booth.


become to the European simple style in us.

Still having searched hundreds and thousands of times in the crowd

Unexpected friends from Nodka,

All still waiting for your coming.

Only to meet to you.

The thirteenth station of Nodka domestic exhibition,

because of your appearance, it is brilliant and perfect.

Are you coming?

If you

have ever been to any of the Nodka 2013 exhibitions and taken pictures with the Nodka booth, we'd like to exchange a gift for a precious photo of your hand and keep the good memories in each other's hearts.

Exchange a photo of you and Nodka

Please send us the photo through the public subscription.

We will choose three pieces of memory,

and send one Nodka warm scarf to each person.

If you do not take a photo with Nodka, please take more next year.

Expiry date of this activity: 17:00, October 26, 2018