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Nodka£¬fire drill, everybody is responsible

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In order to enhance the staff's awareness of fire and escape ability, the company organized a fire evacuation and on-site fire fighting exercise on August 9, 2018, and invited the fire brigade instructor of Hengjing Police Station to explain fire protection knowledge. The company's staff, departments, security personnel, more than 100 people to participate in the exercise.

Fire drills began at 9:00 a.m., fire alarms rang, and all the personnel bent down the inside of the staircase to escape the office area to the designated location in the order of safety exit instructions. In order to make the exercise more lively, two colleagues pretended not to be able to escape the fire successfully when everyone fled, waiting for colleagues and firefighters to rescue, after the head of each department counted the number of people, such as the counting of missing or missing personnel in the two departments, there are incentives and penalties.Red packets are awarded to employees who are actively involved in fire fighting exercises. Sing the punishment to the Department that did not find the personnel lacking in this department.

The fire instructor explained the dry powder extinguisher on the spot and instruct the method. And let the staff use dry powder fire extinguisher to extinguish the small simulated fire spot, and personally feel how to use the fire extinguisher correctly in case of fire. After the drill, the fire instructor explained how to use the fire hydrant in the room. Because of the high water pressure of the hydrant, several colleagues had to cooperate with each other to extinguish the simulated fire and successfully complete the drill.

Participants in fire drills have said that they have benefited greatly, not only to enhance the awareness of fire safety, the awareness of fire hazards and emergency response capacity to deal with emergencies; but also to popularize fire safety knowledge, enhance the skills of fire escape. In the future, we will do a good job in daily fire inspection work in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of fire safety.

After the fire drill, Mr. Wong made a concluding remark on the drill: First of all, I hope everyone will not encounter fire in the future. If we encounter it, we can also use the fire fighting knowledge we learned today to escape and extinguish the fire. Through this drill, we can feel the importance of fire fighting knowledge, and hope that the big Family Nodka can be safe in their future work.

The fire drill was successfully completed. Everyone understand that fire can not be panic, and orderly escape from the fire passage. Through the fire safety drill, everyone studied fire safety knowledge. We will do something not panic, positive response, self-protection purposes.