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Industrial Panel PC applications in pumping station monitoring system

Product Model:TPC6000-8172T

Project Description
     Pumping station monitoring system is mainly to run the pumping station on the joint group for effective monitoring and control to ensure a more secure and reliable operation of the gate. Scientific monitoring system utilization mature industrial control technology, sensor technology, data transmission technology and computer technology, the establishment of an advanced control system to improve the project's safety, reliability, full project benefits, and promote water conservancy project management, information technology and modernization.
System Demand    
    Data pumping station monitoring system is generally set up in stations pumping station, undertake real-time hydrological information gathering major river port of sluice gates, equipment operation, the river lock station basic information and other related information, and will come collected information stored in the real-time monitoring of business each sluice station library. To ensure the normal operation of the monitoring system, you need a number of strong stability, high performance industrial control equipment Tablet PC as the main control center. Industrial Panel PC port must have a variety of applications to meet the communication with the host system and subsystem connection and complete data collection and interactive. Due to budget constraints the project by, making the product selection, in addition to meeting the technical requirements of the device, while also considering the purchase cost of the device. 
NODKA Solution
      Each monitoring point in the pumping station located a 17-inch panel PC control of the PLC as a PC (workstation), real-time data collected by the site's complete PLC, and Tablet PC through the serial port to transfer data to the host . Based data server node in the cluster for Station Meeting, collect data for each site, and save the data interface information for all the real-time database and related information through the network Noda good tablet. In the dispatch center, Noda good Tablet PC as geographic information monitoring system host, by Noda best tablet display screen, monitor terminal pumping station can monitor each scene in the control room in real time.
System configuration FIG
System Work Station