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OEM/ODM Service
       NODKA experience with 10 years in the industrial sector and product resources accumulated in the realization of numerous customer-specific requirements of customers in the process, set up with excellent design and development capabilities of customized services team, customers can quickly ideas and needs into practical solutions.
Service Area
¡ñ  Windows XP/Windows 7 Embedded¡¢Windows CE
¡ñ  OEM/ODM chassis form

¡ñ  Anti-poor environment system-level products

Service Process

Intention to negotiate£¨Understanding of the needs and plans£©¡úProduct Proposal£¨Customers choose the best development programs£©¡úProject evaluation£¨Assess the feasibility and product research and development agreement signed£©¡úImplementation research£¨Product design, proofing and £©¡úSample confirmed£¨Testing and use of feedback£©¡úPilot¡úDelivery