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Product development
NODKA has a group of experienced, highly efficient and highly innovative R & D personnel, timely and accurate information on the latest product developments and market demand, forward-looking technology research and innovative design; establishment of a sound system development, board development, organization design thermal design, product testing and software services team, strict implementation of the company to develop new product development process management, set a high temperature, shock and vibration, EMI / EMC and other specialized laboratory facilities and equipment, the product of a full range of reliability tests protect the product development success rate and timeliness.
NODKA has a wealth of experience in the industrial sector, manufacturing capacity and R & D resources to establish a sound and efficient customized services team, fast for all OEM / ODM customers to create the most competitive products.
Follow the ISO9001 quality management system to establish a sound quality assurance system, the product design stage through rigorous high and low temperature testing, vibration testing, shock testing, security testing, EMI testing and fatigue testing; production stage, including IQC, IPQC,OQC, moving / static baking machine, function / performance tests to ensure that all products are stable and reliable.
Technical Services
Excellent technical support is a vital part of all the sales organization by professional sales engineers and technical staff, so that customers get the most efficient service and the most satisfactory solution; at the same time, customers can take advantage of Nodka's FAQ rich database of information through our online services, get real-time updates of all kinds of product information.