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NODKA Global Location

NODKA local sales and service team, offer the optimized solution and service support to our customers in different territory.

NODKA was founded in2001 in ShangHai China, and now is becoming a leading Chinese industrial solution manufacturer for Industrial Embedded System and Fanless Panel PC products.
We offer product and service to over 5,000 customers in China and more than 30 overseas countries, and application covers Industrial Automation, Power Automation, Communication and Transportation , etc. Currently, NODKA has 13 branch offices in CHINA and 2 overseas offices in Netherlands and Singapore.
NODKA has own R&D team, and precision sheet machinery factory inSuzhou China, besides, we have lab for initial EMC, Wide Temperature,Vibration, shock and Duration testing.
As ISO9001 qualified company, we provide best customer service and goodquality control to products.

Company profile

 Company name  NODKA Automation Technology CO.,Ltd
 Established  In 2001
 Registered capital  5 million
 Employees  150
 Branch  14 in China and 2 in overseas
 Subsidiaries  Xuano
 Technology Partners  Embedded M/B(Shenzhen)R&D Center

 Origin of NODKA


Development History

 ● Founded NODKA Industrial ControlTechnology Co., Ltd.,the registered capital of 1 million yuan (RMB), agent of Taiwan's industrial computer and data acquisition products
  ● Termination agent distribution model, creation "NODKA" brand, established product manufacturing, R & D team;
 ● Introduced the first generation of industrial Panel PC, Product lines include:TPC6000、PANEL5000、AWS8000;
  ● Passed ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification and CE certification;
 ● Founded Beijing (North China), Guangzhou (South China), Chengdu (Southwest) branches.
 ● FBased on the first launch of the second generation of Intel Atom N270 Fanless Industrial Panel PC
  ● Relocation to Shanghai Xinzhuang Industrial Zone, founded in Chongqing, Suzhou, Changsha, Changchun branch;
  ● Leading introduced the first generation of high-performance Intel Core2 based Industrial Panel PC;
  ● Established embedded motherboards (Shenzhen) R & D Center;
  ● Based on the introduction of the third generation of Intel Atom Z510 / 530 magnesium alloy Rugged Industrial Panel PC, laid it in a dominant position in China's industrial tablet PC market;
  ● Establishment of the International Business Division, and actively expand overseas markets.
 ● Relocation Mellon Zhongxin industrial area, 1,500 square meters of office space increased to increase the registered capital to 5 million;
 ● Hanover, Germany to participate in the information and communications technology fair (2011);
 ● Founded in Nanjing, Wuhan, Shenyang branch;
 ● Founded in Suzhou Xuanuo Precision Machinery Co., strengthen the company's manufacturing capacity;
 ● Comprehensive upgrade of the third generation of rugged industrial panel PC.
 ● Launched fanless industrial computer based on Intel Atom Cedarview、Intel Core2 Duo and Intel I3/I5/I7, to enter the market of industrial Boxpc;
 ● Launched specific products and solutions in Express Intelligent cabinet;
 ● Introduced special railway computer;
 ● Factory relocation Wuzhong District, Suzhou, Jiangsu.
 ● Set up a branch office in Singapore.

  ● The factoryand R & D center relocated from Shanghai to Suzhou and work well quickly, annual sales exceeded 100 million RMB, won the Industrial Control Award "Development Breakthrough Award."
  ● Set up European service center in Netherlands.
  ●The first company forreleasinga product thatthe third generation fanless 4U IPC, and it woned"Innovation Award."       
  ● Set up a branch office in Hanzhou

 Keep improving!
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